A Home, it is a living space used as a permanent or semi-permanent residence for you and your family. Home basically provides areas and facilities for sleeping, preparing food, eating and hygiene. But, in today’s generation home is not just about this basic needs, Most of us want our home to provide more than the basic facilities. We wish our home to be seen as astonishing in eyes of others, which gave scope to the introduction of INTERIOR DESIGNING and one of the experts in this field is Home Hub Interiors – Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore.

Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore

In today’s world there are lots of material and technologies being introduced in market for the purpose of designing. We seek for interior designers not only for interior decorating of an house but it is now growing in all buildings and structures, such as office, restaurants, theater etc. In this modern world there are lot of people who considers an astrologer before designing an interior of the house, it is called as Vasthu and there are lots of interior designers who have a good knowledge regarding this.

Interior designing by the Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore must be able to provide a good or peaceful mind for the owner and family as the interior designing has a psychological effect on the mind of the customers, for example a room with pale painting and dark room with not much air ventilation can make the person to have a suffocation or stress, while an Interior with of a room with good air ventilation light colors and good furniture for the persons comfort can make him much more happy. It is not a modern word, interior designing was used from the olden times even when kings were ruling the world. For instance we can see the palaces of the kings are well designed, but there is a huge competition comparing to past years. Most of the customers wishes their interior – Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore should be unique even the single material used in it should be unique; they try to use most of the material to be imported to give a unique touch to the rooms.

Even though the interior designing – Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore has difference as per the areas, may vary from country to country for example – Chinese interior designing’s are entirely different from that of India and from one state to another for example – Building constructing in Kerala may differ from that of Tamilnadu or even they have difference in religious wise as the Muslims may have a room space for Namaz while Hindus may have Pooja rooms, as so we must be able to grasp each and every things while designing an Interior. There is lots of area while we compare in designing the interiors of a house which can be mainly differentiated as –

Living Room – A living room is also called as lounge room, lounge or sitting room; it is a room in a residential house or apartment for relaxing and socializing. Such a room is sometimes called a front room when it is near the main entrance at the front of the house.

Modular Kitchen – It is a new term used in kitchen designing for the modern kitchen furniture layout consisting of modules of cabinets made of diversified materials which hold accessories inside, which can facilitate the effective usage of the spaces in a kitchen. Space management is a crucial factor in reference to kitchen. It has to be user friendly with a lot of space for the user to move around the kitchen. it is a point to see that kitchen possess ample space to enhance the comfort level.

Bedroom – It is a place for the person to relax and rest, In past most of the parents used to have mostly a two bedrooms one for them and the other for guest or the children, but now the concept has change that each child must have a bedroom for her own.

Wardrobes – In simple language we can say it as cupboard, it is place where we keep most of our Clothes and it is meant to be designed with well space to keep most of our things.

There are 7 elements to be considered to do an Interior designing –

  1. Space – Space is one of the important elements in interior designing, a designer must be well aware of the space available for the designing of the interior.
  2. Line – It define shapes and act as visual guides of an interior space, it is mainly classified into three – horizontal, vertical and dynamic.
  3. Forms – Outline of any three dimension object in space.
  4. Light – Light set a mood of ambiance in the mind of the persons, without light other elements such as color, texture and pattern have no significance.
  5. Texture – It mainly deals with the surface and determines how a typical surface looks and feels like.
  6. Color – It must be selected based on the mindset of the dweller.
  7. Pattern – It adds interest and life to interior design and work along with colors. Patterns tell a story of their own and add the elements of continuity and smooth transition in a living space.