Apart from basic furniture, Curtains and blinds play a major role on the overall look and feel of the whole house and specific rooms in particular. If your home needs a revamp, the first thought in your mind is getting a new shade of paint or changing the floor, but we often overlook how the curtains and blinds can change the feel of the room significantly.Home Hub Interiors are the Best Living Room Designers in Bangalore who will help you choose the Best and Suitable Curtains and blinds to your House.

Best Living Room Designers in Bangalore.

SHOWER CURTAIN:  Functions by impeding the water that is reflected and dispersed when an individual takes a shower.  It saves people the hassle of having to clean up the water that otherwise would end up on the floor due to the trajectory and reflection.

FITTING AND FIXTURES TIEBACKS:  Decorative and practical accessory.  They are used to hold open the curtain panel from the window to let the light in.  Different types and styles: Bows, cords, tassels, fabric (in many forms and shapes) with hooks.

HOLD BACK: • A decorative rigid form of tie back, usually made of metal, brass or iron.  They are attached to the wall on the side of the curtains.  The curtain fabric is drawn back and placed behind the hold back to keep the fabric in place.

CURTAIN RODS: • A device used to suspend curtains.  Materials: wood, metal, plastic. CURTAIN RINGS:  Rings used for holding up a curtains to rail or rod. Materials: plastic, wood, metal.

REMOTE CONTROL CURTAIN SYSTEMS: A remote controlled curtain system allows you to have the convenience of opening and closing your curtains at the touch of a button. WORKING: -It works by the remote control sending an infrared signal to a receiver on the curtains. -This infrared receiver is installed into the curtain track of curtains. -When finished hooking up the curtains to the track, the remote may be used. When the remote is used as an infrared signal is sent to the infrared receiver on the curtain track. -This receiver receives the signal from the remote and passes it to a microprocessor, which goes about closing the curtains by using the curtain tracks.

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS:  Curtains shall be machine sewn throughout and where two or more widths are joined they shall have an over locked seam.  Standard heading tape  unless otherwise specified. Side seams shall be bag lined. 


CURTAIN TRACK UNCORDED  Tracks to be securely fixed either into the lintel or into new existing battens with wood screws of suitable gauge and length;  brackets to be fitted at maximum intervals of 600mm or to the manufacturer’s specification, with appropriate number of runners and end stops.

CURTAIN CORDED  Cording sets typically shall comprise of 2 master runners, one double and one single pulley, 2 end stops and continuous cored weight complete with cord as specified by manufacturer BATTENS-Battens shall comprise of planned softwood chambered on all face edges, suitably prepared to suit clients requirements. These are the ideas which will help you to choose the best Blinds and Curtains to your House. For more details contact Home Hub Interiors – Best Living Room Designers in Bangalore who will guide you perfectly to choose the best Curtains to your House. Click here for more details: www.homehubinteriors.com