Anyone can build a house.But it takes so much effort to transform it to a home.An eye for art, attention to details and a careful planning is required to do so. Among other things, bedroom is your personal space; a place that is for you and can be designed by you. Your dream bedroom can have mirrors on the ceiling,a small pool by the side and a cave like corner for a cozy bed. But pragmatically speaking, there are many constraints in bringing them live. It is time to declutter your imagination and start thinking of things that are sure to work.Home Hub Interiors are the Best Bedroom Designers in Bangalore and they will help you design your Bedroom according to your taste and style.

Best Bedroom Designers in Bangalore.

While all bedroom wardrobe designs have the same basic function, that of providing a safe storage to your clothes and accessories, the way they do their job is fast changing. Out of the box design options which make use of the contours of your room to make your designer wardrobe  becoming more popular. The option to customize your wardrobe, like the one offered by Home Hub Interiors – Best Bedroom Designers in Bangalore, enables one to personalize their bedroom space without compromising on the essentials – storage options for space maximization.

Integrate the window in your design and build the wardrobe around it. In the window region you can create a cozy reading area as well.

Go for space saving bedroom wardrobe design integrated with a provision for installing your television. This design feature can come in sliding door or open shelve variants.

Place your sliding door wardrobe opposite to your bed. Use mirrored sliding doors to add more visual space to your room.

Frosted glass can make for very elegant glass dividers behind which you can hide your wardrobe while still retaining the open feel of the design.

From a simple circle pattern or a leafy one to complex patterns, everything will look good in moderation. If you want to take it to the next level, choose a color and apply it to the room in layers. For example, you can start with a light green tone to the walls, a darker shade to the bed covers and finish with a much darker shade of lamps and curtains.

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